Home and Top Rows Words

Home and Top rows words

On a standard keyboard, middle and top rows are the most widely used for typing words. There are about 10,740 words that can be typed by using home and top rows. Home and top rows words are given in the table below. 


The row on which fingers rest is called the home row that contains the letters a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l. It is also known as the middle row. The row just above the home row with letters qwertyuiop and p is referred to as top. When combined, Home and Top rows can type the longest word farsightedly, which is an adverb. According to Webster’s dictionary, it means “seeing or able to see to a great distance.” 

Here is the list of the words. Try typing these words to practice the home row. Here is the list of the 10,740 words. Try typing these words to practice the home and top row keys.

Want to practice only home row words

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