Don’t Rush into Touch Typing

Don’t panic! Making hands dirty with the keyboard means typing with the keyboard yourself. To put it simply, you can learn typing skills by doing hard work, investing time, and making your hand dirty with the keyboard.

Please note that it may take a little more time than you would expect, particularly if you have a bad experience to rework, but at end of the day, a small investment in terms of time will pay off in more benefits than you can imagine.

Points to ponder

I am going to emphasize this point again that successful touch typing takes time and effort. There is nothing ingenious about it – strong determination and hard work will help to eliminate any distractions. If you feel tired, something starts to ache, or everything starts to go wrong, it is the best idea to leave it for another time. You will be amazed at just how quickly your speed and accuracy will build up if you do your part honestly.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons provides more tips and tricks to learn or improve touch typing skills.

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