In touch typing which one is more important, speed or accuracy?

Your answer might be speed! But I am sorry to say, you have guessed wrong. The major part of touch typing is accuracy. Accuracy means to type the words correctly without making any error.

If a typist can type at a very high speed and cares not about accuracy, then such typing is of no use. In other words, a typist can type more than 100 words per minute but a sequence of random letters carrying no meaning attached to them. No one will bother for this type of speed and touch typing.

Are you still concerned about speed?

Don’t worry at all. Your typing speed will accelerate as you do more practice. Typing an entire book, magazine, novel, story, or any other type of document will help to achieve speed and accuracy.

Grab a copy of the “Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons” to learn touch typing and achieve your desired speed. The book comes with lessons of complete sentences, paragraphs, and short stories. These lessons cover all the alphabet keys, numerical keys, and punctuation keys.

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