Spend Less Time on Work and More Time with Family

Touch typing is leverage not only for you but for your family as well. By typing faster you can spare more hours and steal some moments from your work and allot them to your leisure.

You can take countless advantages by typing quicker than others: come home early, take care of your family, spend more time with them, take your kids to an ice-cream bar, and have some fun. You can all get this leverage by typing fast, which in turn saves you time. 
Utilizing spared time for your family and other activities is indeed an overwhelming opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Fast typing gives you an upper hand during the completion of tough official work, by typing faster you can overcome the mental weariness and it saves you from depression well.

Unfortunately, many of us haven’t recognized the importance of fast typing – its role and benefits cannot be denied in today’s techno-overwhelmed world.

When you are typing with two fingers, you will not notice any spelling or grammar mistakes till you have made them. Touch typing allows you to edit and fix any spelling or grammar mistakes as you go. During touch typing, you can easily use the backspace key to fix them.

Go to park, eat, drink and laugh together​

With the help of touch typing, you can type faster and can save between 15 and 30 hours per month. Of course, you will have more time for family and less for work.

Once you have free time, you can do your hobby, go for a walk or jog with family members or read your favorite book together. I usually play with them at home or take them to the nearby park. We eat, drink and laugh.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons will allow you to learn touch typing at a rapid speed. It includes simple 12 lessons that are easy to learn and follow.

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