Touch Typing Quiz 4

Touch typing quiz – 4 asks questions from Number Row (just above the top row). Remember alphanumeric keys refer to both numeric key and other special characters keys such as ~(Tilde), !(exclamation mark), @ (at), #(number), $(dollar) % (percent) ^( caret ), *(asterisk), ( (open bracket), ) (close bracket), – (dash), _ (underline), =(equal), and +(plus). As other quizzes, it also based on the QWERTY keyboard layout. There are 10 Multiple Choices Questions with unlimited submission time. There is no fine for the wrong answer. You can take the quiz unlimited times. If you feel that an answer is incorrect, please inform us via our contact form. We will happily correct it on our side it and update here, too.

Determine the correct order of fingers to enter the number “999”.
Name the alpha-numeric keys which are associated with lady finger of the right hand.
Identify the correct sequence of fingers to type the street number “315”.
Which of the following fingers can be used to type the number “4”?
Name the finger which can be used to enter the dollar ($) sign.
Which of the following fingers is responsible for typing number 8 and symbol * (asterisk)?
The little finger of ______ hand is associated with the number 0(zero)?
What number is typed when ring and little fingers are used from left hand?
Identify the fingers from left hand which can type the number 454
What numbers can be typed with lady finger from right hand?

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