Getting nervous when touch typing

Oh, the boss is coming, or the trainer is looking at me, or even a colleague is observing my typing speed.

In the riskiest case, the zombie is coming. I need to type fast and accurate at any cost.

In many situations such as listed above, a touch typist gets nervous just because of the presence of boss, manager, a coworker and so forth.

When touch typing, and in the meanwhile someone like director, supervisor or even collaborator comes in, you will get puzzled and ultimately you won’t perform better or in some cases, it can be termed as the worst performance of the day.
You will care too much, to not commit mistakes and type as good as possible but believe me you won’t be able to type with your normal speed and accuracy. Don’t worry at all, it is a normal marvel and unluckily it can’t be completely taken out.

get out of typing nervousness

Anyhow, one can overcome this fear by keeping up the following tips.

Let me know in the comments, if you have experienced this phenomenon and how did you handle the situation.

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