Supporting Tools for Touch Typing

Along with required tool, you may need some supporting tools for touch typing. These tools will prove to provide an additional layer of facility when typing.

Copy/Document holder

Make sure the room lighting is proper. In case you are working in an office, there may be certain rules and regulations where you can position your equipment. At home, you may place your LCD (monitor) such that the window is behind it. Glare from either lighting or sunshine should be avoided. For safety, you can buy a filter to place on the monitor’s screen. The filter may degrade the image quality a bit but can help in reducing strain on eyes. Need a copy holder? Buy one here. 


Accuracy is equally an important aspect and benefit of touch thing, if a typist very fast and can type more 100 words per minute but there is no accuracy in his typing then such kind of type skill is useless. No one will bother to try such typing services.

Take Regular Breaks

Health is the most precious thing in the world. To have a great health, take regular breaks about 10 minutes after every hour. If possible, you should walk around for a minute and come back.

Close your eyes for a while

As eyes are getting dried by continuous exposure to the monitor. Close your eyes for a few seconds which will help to clean and comfort your eyes. At least, slowly blink your eyes a few times. After every two years, visit an ophthalmologist or vision care for an eye checkup.

Arial font

Use the Arial font and 12-point size for all the practice lessons. It is a fixed font and each letter takes up the same amount of space, and your lines will all finish at the same point. For a clearer view of your work use double line spacing.

Points to ponder

Before you start touch typing, you will need some basic tools.

Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons provides more tips and tricks to learn or improve touch typing skill.

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