Hmm… sounds funny “types of typist,” but they do exist in today’s computer age. The preceding section describes the different levels of typists, which will help you determine what type of typist you are. You may fall under one or more categories under certain circumstances.

1. Beginner

A touch-typing beginner is not familiar with the QUERTY keyboard layout. You have to first know the nuts and bolts of touch typing. I recommend exploring this blog and reading each past carefully. Reading and following my Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons will help you familiarize yourself with touch typing quickly. Do regular practice of a minimum one of hour to achieve your goals. Focus on every key as you type and remember the position of the finger on the keyboard. 

2. Hunt pack typist

A hunt peck typist is the one who is familiar with most keys and their location. He /she generally uses only one or two fingers to type. Besides, he/she also look at the keyboard when typing. If you fall under this category, you can quit hunt and peck habits easily by taking regular lessons daily because you already know the different positions of the keys on the keyboard.  Remember, hunt and pecking reduce your typing speed and harms accuracy.

hunt & peck

3. Touch typist

A full keyboard touch typist is one who uses all fingers to type all most keys including numbers and symbols without looking at the keyboard. This kind of typist can type very fast with great accuracy typing fast and accurate can help achieve high performance and productivity.

4. Full keyboard touch typist

It is a matter of fact that typing is an exhausting activity for a long period of time which makes a typist feel tired both mentally and physically. Touch typing helps to reduce fatigue and makes you free to focus on two things at the same time. Another advantage in this regard is that touch typing relieves from bending your head over the keyboard in order to find your next keystrokes.


Our book, Learn Touch Typing in 12 Simple Lessons,  will allow you to learn touch typing at a rapid speed. It includes simple 12 lessons that are easy to learn and follow.

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