Typing Mathematical Equations

Typing equation is a complex task and requires more attention than regular typing because it involves numbers, special symbols, and characters. Thoroughly formatting equations adds to the complexity and makes it a clumsy task for newbies.

You may have a bad experience if you have attempted typing mathematics assignment for the first time. And what if your professor asked to align all equations at = (equal)?

The easiest way to write equations is to use Microsoft Word Native Equation Editor or Mathtype software. Microsoft Word native equations editor is an easy to reach tool for entering simple and complex equations. On the other hand, Mathtype is a powerful equation editor with interactive interface. It is available for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. It has an enormous set of symbols and special characters which allows user to type mathematical equations and formulas for various purposes such as word processing, presentation, learning, publishing TeX, MathML and LaTeX.

To be honest, Microsoft Word native equations editor has been built on Mathtype foundation and has never been updated for a long period of time. Hence, there are some limitations with Microsoft Word native equations editor.
The third option is to use latex and formulate equations. It is merely a programming language designed for writing complex documents particularly documents with a lot of mathematical equations and graphs etc. It is not recommended for rookies to go with latex as it involves codes for every symbol.

Typing Maths equation in Microsoft Word

Here are the steps to type mathematical equations in Microsoft Word.

Typing Mathematical Equation in MS-Word

As a shortcut key you can use Alt and = keys combinations to insert equations instantly. If you are on tablet, employ ink Equation Tool to quickly insert equations into Microsoft word.

Type equations using Mathtype Software

Typing Mathematical Equation in Mathtype

In the previous section of this post, I have raised a question that what if Professor Toad requires all students to align their equations at = sign. Therefore, I must answer that question otherwise Professor Toad’s assistant will assign me zero score and open a dispute for leaving that question blank. There are several ways to work around the requirements. The students may press Tab or Space bar repeatedly to align equations, but it is very tedious and still not fulfill the requirements the right way.

Aligning equations at = (equal) in Microsoft Word

Align equations at = in MS-Word

Aligning equations at = (equal) in Math Type

Align equations at = in Mathtype

Let me know in the comments if you have any problem while entering equation in Microsoft Word. Were you able to align your equations properly?

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