Typing speed and its measurement

Measurement of Typing Speed

In this modern age, we have no escape from the keyboard while fulfilling our writing needs, keyboard is a modern age writing tool. While writing or typing over keyboard requires typing speed to save time and achieve accuracy.

Typing speed is referred to how quickly a person can type alphabetical characters with the help of keyboard. Typing speed is measured in Words Per Minute (WPM) or roughly Characters Per Minute (CPM). In certain situations, words per hour (WPH) or key depression per minute (DHM) are some of the units use to track down the progress of typing.

The standard length of a word is five characters including space and punctuation signs. In simple words, WPM determines how many words can be typed in one minute. 38-40 words per minute is considered an average typing speed.

A fast typing speed is said to be 120 WPM with minimum errors. But there are still crazy typists who achieved a speed of 212 words. Barbara Blackburn is the name who earned the title of the fastest typist, typing 150 words in a minute and her top speed recorded was 212 words.

Check your typing speed online

However, some people don’t bother to know their typing speed. If you don’t count yourself among them and interested to know your typing speed, then follow the link given below.

In mathematical language, typing speed is inversely proportional to accuracy which means as you gauge more speed you will lose accuracy. There are rare cases where high speed and great accuracy are reached at the same time. The basic reason behind this is that human can concentrate on only one thing at a time.

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