Voice typing is a brilliant idea for smartphones and touchscreen.  This is a fact that touch typing is very useful on keyboard but at the same time, it becomes useless on a touchscreen and smartphones.

Typing on touch screen and smart phones

For touchscreens and smartphones, one finger typing is useful. For a full touch typist, it is very irritating and frustrating to type on touchscreen and smartphones. In other words, there are a lot of miss-hits for a touch typist on a touchscreen. On the off chance, a considerable amount of text is to be typed, it requires a lot of time and gets very thwarting.

The good news is that we can deal with this situation by using voice typing. It is a way in which spoken words are converted into written words. It is also known as speech-to-text. It can be easily employed on a smartphone without dogfight. Just tap the microphone icon and you are done. Its capabilities will enable you to work faster and efficiently.

Every one of us, sometimes or always have a good experience with voice typing on smartphones but what about touchscreen devices running on  windows or mac operating systems. Their built-in voice recognition features are not of that quality as smartphones and can’t perform the conversion process efficiently. There comes Google Docs to rescue which has an amazing capability and supports about 48 languages and the list keeps growing.


Here is how to get there.

https://speechnotes.co is yet another great service with Android app which works on Google Chrome browser. It has features like reading aloud your text and three different ways to insert punctuation marks.


Voice typing can’t beat regular touch typing in speed and accuracy. The former  requires an environment where there isn’t a lot of noise and background sounds. In addition to this, a bad accent or pronunciation heads to incorrect written words. For example, it can’t plainly distinguish among the words; there, their and dear but one can adopt to it with time.

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