Be a "Touch Typist"

We want EVERYONE in the world to be a “TOUCH TYPIST”. In response to our mission, we have written a book, which has been adopted by many organizations as a textbook. Our book and this website is here to help everyone to learn the skill of touch typing. This will save hundreds of hours per day for people around the globe. We guarantee that you would enjoy learning touch typing with us!

Become a Touch Typist and Save 1 Hour per Day

Quit Hunting & Pecking

A simple and complete guide to Quit Hunting and Pecking Habits of Keyboard. Read More..

Typing by All Fingers

Touch typing involves typing by eight fingers and a thumb. Read More..

Spend Less Time on Work

Save time by just fast typing and spend more time with your family. Read More..

Pass Typing Test & Hired

Do you need to pass a typing test before qualifying for a job? Read More..

Our Services

Data Entry

$0.10 / item
  • Online, Offline
  • Form filling
  • Spreadsheet, Database
  • Products Entries
  • Invoice and Billing


$1 / Minute
  • Audio,Video
  • English, Urdu, Pashto
  • High Quality
  • Proper Formatting
  • Free Revision

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